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FatRat Da Czar Delivers New Single “Bye”

South Carolina hip-hop legend FatRat Da Czar returns to music with brand new single “Bye”. Produced by the Track Pros, Bye serves as 2021's first music release from Columbia's resident OG.

"As I'm preparing to release my next studio album and follow up to Crucible, I thought Bye was the right choice to share with my fans", says Czar. With so many changes and revelations in my personal life, Bye is the appropriate response to what has been a season of letting old ideas, habits and people go."

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2 comentários

Edgar B Robinson
Edgar B Robinson
17 de nov. de 2021

My guy! Every time I think I’m gonna chill, you drop something and I’m like, “Nope! Got to keep going!” F’n 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥


You Sir are a creative genius! Most people spend half of their life trying to find their purpose. It’s a blessing to watch you walk in yours daily! Love you long time!

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