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FatRat Da Czar X Cole Connor Podcast #14 : No Disrespect

I met Cole in 2013 about 4 months after releasing the conclusion to Da Cold War trilogy. At this point in my career, Cole and the New Success Culture collective is what I needed as I began my next phase as a producer and mentor. My relationship with Cole blossomed quickly and he became a brother to me. What happened next was four unbelievable years of hard work, success, failures and immeasurable growth, both individually and collectively. The strain of such a complicated and intense relationship ultimately resulted in us parting ways in music and business in 2017. Somehow through it all we still maintained a personal connection that proved to be very valuable as we ventured off on our separate paths. Those paths ultimately led us back here--older, wiser and more appreciative of our time together and apart. I haven't done many interviews this year, so when Cole and I decided to do this podcast, I knew I would have a lot to say. Tap in to some authentic OG talk.

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